Differences Between America And France And The French Government

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Bonjour, Prime Minister, cheese, wine and affairs; these single words all come together to give you a peek into the French way of life. There are many similarities and differences between America and France and the way that their societies have shaped the people who live there. From the way we live, to the morals when it comes to marriage and family. To go into greater detail, I will share with you some of the traditions, social customs and the roles of the French society.
The French Government is set up similarly to our own. Our forefathers used the systems of government from the French government to create what we use now in America. France is ruled by a Republican government; also known as the French Republic. They have what is equal to a President, but the title used more prominently is Prime Minister. The Prime Minister of France today is Manuel Valls. In addition, the Prime Minister has a Council of Ministers at his aid to help organize and structure the government. The French are exceedingly controlling and rule-governed people. Their uncertainty avoidance is rated at a high level, meaning that they like to have their rules and a foundation. As said in the article “What About France”, it articulates that “The French don’t like surprises. Structure and planning are required. Before meetings and negotiations, they like to receive all necessary information. As a consequence, the French are good in developing complex technologies and systems in a stable environment, such…
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