Differences Between American English And British English

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Differences between American English and British English Abstract As a language,English is widely used in the world. Its history is only about 6 hundreds years, which means it is a young language. With the development of America and British, the differences between American English and British English becomes more and more obvious. In this essay, I will analyze these differences in grammar, vocabulary, spelling and pronunciation. Key words: language, American English, British English, differences Table of contents I.Introduction II.Background. 1.The origin of American English 2.The origin of British English III.The differences in American English and British English 1.In grammar (1)in using verb (2)in using article “the” 2.In vocabulary (1)Different words with the same meaning (2)The same words with different meaning 3.In spelling 4.In pronunciation VI.Conclusion I.Introduction On account of its worldwide use, English has become the most important language in the world. There are two major varieties:American English and British English. Under different circumstance, they have not developed in the same way, which means they have changed a lot in the last centuries. II Background 1.The origin of American English In 1606, English explorers set sail to the New World and established the first colony named after Jamestown. After several years, what surprised them was that this land was suitable for tobacco. In 1616, England put a lot of money into Jamestown
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