Differences Between Approaches To A Question And A Problem Question?

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End of module project (Unit 9)
What are the differences between approaches to an essay question and a problem question?
It is important to understand firstly the difference between a problem question and an essay question.
In other word, what is a problem question? What is an essay question?
1) Dictionary.com defined an essay question, as a question on a text or exam, on a given topic that requires a written analysis or explanation of a specific length.
2) Finch, Emily, Fafinski, Stefan, (2011) defined a problem question as a “ question that involves a set of hypothetical fact that raises at least on question” Finch, Emily, Fafinski, Stefan (2011) explained that “The introduction of an essay should tell the reader what to expect from the essay and it is live to summaries” What makes a good law essay? Is another question that comes to mind? A good law essay is an analytic written that answers the question and also demonstrates a good writing skills. A good essay also requires a good amount of thinking through. It is
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Referencing correctly improves the quality of the essay a good law essay should also have a bibliography at the end of the essay. This will show the reader the research or other form of research was used to attain the answers to and essay question. It is mostly an avoidable mistake for one to think that a good essay is based on the content of the subject. The knowledge to apply the right writing skills most be considered when writing an essay. Part of the reasons for an essay question is to assess the ability of the person understanding the question, so it is vital that a clear understanding is demonstrated when writing an essay. Analyzing the question is the first step to answering the question clearly. Knowing again what the question ask is equally an important part of a good essay
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