Differences Between Arabic And American Culture

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Habib Alsharidah.
RW 45
Compare and contrast.

The different between Arabic and American culture When I was about to go to the U.S, the only thing comes to my mind is knowing the rules and trying to follow it. However, after I had been there for one month, I met some American guys, and that made me thinking about their culture and getting experience that can help me keep my friendships with them. I was surprised at some part of their culture, while other part was not. It were many differences between Saudi Arabian 's culture, and American 's culture which came by native Americans from long time; however, other one derived from Islamic religion in most of it. Moreover, both of these two cultures have some commons in general part such as employees in supermarket, the way of paid to the workers, and the debt. On the other hand they are different in the time of paid of workers, using own bags for grocery store or supermarket, and friends trip overnight. First of all, the employees ' supermarket in Saudi Arabia help their customers out to their cars resembles U.S. Almost always employees ' supermarkets carry that stuff customers bought it in both countries. Even if it is unnecessary given tip to the employees in Saudi Arabia, most of them did that without asking the customers so, if they need help, the customers will give them tip without specific amount. Moreover, in the U.S they ask their customers if they need help to carry customers ' stuff. For example, if someone buy
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