Differences Between Bach And Vivaldi

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As I reviewed the list of concert options, I chose option 4 from the concert list including Bach and Vivaldi both composer of the baroque era. In the first YouTube option: Bach- B Minor Mass the performing ensemble consisted of Johann Sebastian Bach, Joelle Harvey a soprano, Carolyn Sampson a soprano, Iestyn Davies a counter-tenor, Ed Lyon a tenor as well, Matthew Rose serving as a bass, and lastly the conductor which was Harry Bicket. The English Concert was the name of this performance, performed by Choir of the English Concert. The location in which the performance took place was the Royal Albert Hall on the second day of August in the year of two thousand twelve. During the late baroque era in the years of 1710-1750 is when this musical…show more content…
The fugue during the baroque era and in B Minor Bass consisted of soprano, alto, tenor, and bass each of which were sung and performed in this orchestra production. Essentially each piece begins and ends with paired choruses, indicating tender arias in each movement. Each movement throughout Bach- B Minor Mass symbolizes spiritual convictions and during this era religion was very important. The performance was very well developed and conducted in my opinion. As I continued to listen to each piece and watch each performance I identified the meaning behind music in the baroque era. Each choral and instrumental section was split into distinct parts of the stage, allowing the best implicated sound to be conducted in the orchestra. When listening to each movement of Bach’s orchestral art it is heard to be simplistic but unique which catches the attention of all listeners. Due to this music being closely related to religion all the religious people of this era and of today adore the improvising of Bach not only in B Minor Mass but also in a variety of his other musical movements. In all, the description of this performance was a creative musical
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