Differences Between British English and American English

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Introduction 3
1. British English and American English pronunciation 7
2. British English and American English vocabulary 10
3. British English and American English grammar 13
Conclusions 16
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The object of this work is to study, analyse, and most importantly compare differences between two major branches of English language: American English (also called General American) and British English (also called UK English or English English).

The term British English is used to distinguish the standard form of English used in Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the varieties used in other parts of the world (Peters 2004:79). But according to McArthur (2002:45),
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Literature review. As mentioned before there are numerous books on differences between American English and British English, it would seem that this topic is inexhaustive. Different authors claim different influences on these variants of English and no one can reach a point they would all agree upon. For example Shakhbagova (1982:14) claims that the conditions under which it [American English] developed were peculiar and quite unlike those under which the English language developed in Great Britain. But all of them agree that there are differences and they are quite essential to each language. Take for example spelling of the word colour. British spell it with consonant “u”, this was influenced by the French language, where as Americans, however, have omitted it and spell it as color (Darragh 2000:10). The case is similar with words of everyday usage. Such simple and
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