Differences Between Canada And New Zealand

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The sovereign nations of Canada and New Zealand have many similar in their establishment of nationhood. Both remain a commonwealth under Queen Elizabeth I, both are social democratic with human suffrage, healthcare and a constitution orbiting around a charter of rights and freedom. However, the biggest similarity between the two nations are in regards with its Aboriginal inhabitants and the historical interaction between the European descendants and Aboriginal descendants. However, the similarities between Canada and New Zealand, is the concept of Aboriginal integration and recognition. With such similarities why is there a gap between Canada and New Zealand integration and recognition of Aboriginals and why does this gap constitute a huge…show more content…
This treaty was written as an agreement between the British Crown and more than 500 Maori chiefs. The treaty was assigned in both English and Maori for both peoples to have distinctive knowledge of the treaty. The treaty had three important articles that indicated the agreement; Article 1 allow the Maori to give Queen Victoria governance of the land, Article 2 decreed that Maori chiefs exclusive and undisturbed possession of lands, forestry, fisheries and other properties, while giving the Crown a exclusive rights to deal with Maori over purchasing land, and Article 3 decreed that the Maori population was to be protected and giving rights of British subjects but the Queen. This treaty allowed for Aboriginal rights to be retained as a result of their original possession of the land, since their property right was from a time immemorial. The Treaty of Waitangi may have been perceived as equal and fair but in reality it was pure extortion by the European settlers. As noted above the treaty was written in two languages; English and Maori. Interest both documents do not have the same content of agreements. For example in Article 2 the Maori version guaranteed chiefs chieftainship over their lands, village and treasures and allowed the Crown the right to deal with the Maori by the good grace of the Maori chiefs. At the earliest onset, the English settlers are manipulating the treaty to achieve materialistic goals by extorting
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