Differences Between Caucasian American And Hispanic Americans

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The United States is a big country which involved multiple races, religions, cultures, and languages..etc.. Before I came to the U.S, I couldn’t tell the difference between a Caucasian American and a Hispanic American since their face and body structure seemed similar to me at that time. It took me about a year to fluently identify an individual’s ethnicity based on his/her appearance. Therefore, I was confused when I had to live with fifty people who came from different states. They all had different personalities, accents, and appearances. Based on my experience after my nine weeks training with the platoon, I divided my friends into three different categories. The people who well planned their future, the people who didn 't plan their future and the people who joined because of the family guidance. The first category was the people who well planned their future before coming to the basic training. This type of people often was married and had a degree before joining the army. They had a standard living, but they wanted more than that. They joined the army for its benefits; they also did a lot of researches on the benefits before they signed the contract. They worked hard on the missions to make sure that they achieved their goals, expectations. They were mature to lead the platoon, and they could handle the stress very well. When I came to the basic training, I was lucky enough to befriend with Murray and Murphy. Murray was a lawyer while Murphy was a hotel manager.
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