Differences Between Chinese And Us Middle School Teachers

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Mathematics Education: The Differences in Teaching Methods Between Chinese and US Middle School Teachers As an increasing number of students are taking part in standardized tests and national competitions, parents, teachers, and educators have become aware that students in different countries, ranging from elementary schools to high schools, perform unevenly in many subject areas. In recent years, researchers have done numerous cross-national studies to investigate the reason why students’ performances vary nationwide. One of the subjects that contain a huge gap is students’ achievement in mathematics in Asia and America. It has been noticed for some time that Asian students generally receive higher scores on national mathematics contests…show more content…
In addition, the Ministry of Education specifies the curriculum for schools in China nationally. Almost every school in China uses the same textbooks for all subjects. Conversely, the system in the US is not as centralized. Individual schools and teachers have the right to decide what textbooks to use and what knowledge to teach (Stigler, Lee, and Stevenson 3). Teachers in China and the US use different strategies to engage students to learn new mathematical concepts; US teachers prefer to organize introductory activities, while Chinese teachers usually teach new materials directly with no opening activities. For example, when teaching the procedure of fraction multiplication, most US teachers have students apply manipulations such as playing with money or drawing and coloring areas in order to evoke students’ interests. Data shows that 18% more teachers in the US than in China use manipulation. Conversely, Chinese teachers rarely rely on such manipulative activities. They tend to teach the concepts and methods using area and repeated addition. Unlike the US teachers, they illustrate the methods by suggesting real problems and showing the proper strategies to use for different problems. 91% of Chinese teachers give examples of problems to teach the rules of fraction multiplication, whereas only 4% of US teachers use the same method (An,
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