Differences Between Christian Science And Science

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Similarities and Differences
There are quite a few differences between Christian Science and Scientology. For instance, Christian Science started in 1879. It was founded by a poor woman named Mary Baker Eddy who became rich from her new founded religion. Scientology was founded in 1953. Unlike Christian Science, Scientology is an independent religion. It was founded by a man named L. Ron Hubbard. Christian Science is based off Christianity. It is a new interpretation of the Bible. Scientology is a religious responds to therapeutic help. Christian Science centers on the idea of God. Scientology focuses on a person in need of help. Christian Science sees God as the only creator. Scientology believes that the creator is a person completely free. God has no importance in Scientology.
They have a few similaries that also differ. For example, both have churches. A Christian Science church holds an hour-long Sunday service. Just like traditional Christian services. They also have a Wednesday testimony meeting. A church of Scientology is open and staffed every day of the week, from morning until late at night. This way they can have auditing and training courses available. In the auditing system, the auditor is one who is trained in Scientology methods. They listen to the learner for the purpose of restoring his or her abilities and achieving full potential.
Both religions also offer a path to salvation. The differences between Scientology and Christian Science in language and
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