Differences Between Christianity And Islam

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Religious Differences in Marriage

From the past to the present, society has valued the partnership between two people and a spiritual God and/or leader. The unique union/partnership, also known as marriage, has been and continues to be a practice among religions of all kinds. The one common trait that each religion shares is the spiritual agreement and commitment to promise one’s self to another person forever in sickness and in health. Although the basic idea of marriage is shared, many religions choose to practice the actual marriage itself quite differently. As a result, marriage practices may not be understood and practiced the same by various cultures and/or religions. As a world full of different religious practices, the beliefs/values associated with the sanctity and infidelity of marriage are extremely diverse. Specifically, what are the variances between marriage beliefs/values and the moral implications of infidelity between Christianity and Islam?


Although marriage is something society learns at an early age, most countries consider marriage a legal and binding state in addition to the religious aspects practiced during the actual ceremony itself. Marriage has legal benefits such as insurance, health benefits, dual partnership and ownership among items, etc. However, the legal benefits are just a bonus compared to the spiritual nature of the meaning of marriage. From a religious perspective, what is general description of the word marriage? Marriage is
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