Differences Between Christianity And Roman Religion

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Cheyenne Pichel
HI 201

Christianity vs. Roman Religion There are many differences between Christianity and Roman religion. There are also similarities between the two of how they both worshipped in a place even if the place was different. Big difference is that they believed in gods and also they had different ways of religious. Roman did not like people turning away from Roman religion, and that caused harsh punishment to Christian to occur. Christianity became popular in Rome is after “the Jesus movement” occurred in Judea. Another key point that needs to be discussed is what the Roman did to deal with the people who turned away from Roman religion to Christianity. The first way that Roman is different than Christian is because of there believe in gods. While Roman’s had many god they belief in that they believed in and they would sacrifice items to the gods so positive things would happened and if something bad happened than people blame the king or whoever does the sacrifice to the gods. Many gods in the Roman Empire like Juno, Minerva, Jupiter, and many others. While Christian believed in one God and they do not sacrifice things or animals to God. Christian praises their god by praying and going to church. The second way that Christianity was different from the Roman religion how they believed. The Roman religion believed that there was multiple gods who were in control of everything. While Christianity they believed in one God as the almighty
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