Differences Between College And High School

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After being college for a couple months now I have seen a lot of differences between this and high school. My experiences in high school were overall pretty positive. I had a good friend group, did really well in school, was involved, and played volleyball all four years. When it came to school work and having to absorb new information, people did not struggle since teachers made an effort to always make sure you were succeeding and had all the necessary tools laid out in front of you in order to pass. I always picked up on things pretty quick and could get away with not studying for tests and still get hundreds. It was not often for me to have nights of more than an hour of homework. When I did have more than an hour of work, it felt like the world was ending, I became very stressed. Being involved and balancing schoolwork was fairly easy, and I had a very set routine for the entire week which helped me get through work and other tasks I had to complete. All these things changed drastically when I came to college. Maria mentioned a lot of differences between college and high school that I already have seen in the short time that I have been at USC. Independence is a huge one that probably has had the biggest effect on me. As a college student, class is just there to introduce you to the topics and it is all on you to deeply understand it and feel comfortable with the information. I have to take initiative to go to SI sessions and use places like the student success center
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