Differences Between Company A And B

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B. Differences Between Company A and B:
In terms of leadership behavior, in Company A, performance goals are explicitly established by a senior executive who is well prepared to achieve those goals by committing the resources and influential change management as required. Unlike Company A, senior executives, who are “actively engaged in process program” in Company B function as a team and “manage the enterprise through its processes”. As we delve into the “responsibility” part of the organizational culture, we see that that in Company A “employees feel accountable for enterprise results” while, in Company B employees are motivated to serve the customers better and achieve outstanding performance. Moreover, employees of Company A are ready for “major multidimensional change.” In contrast, at Company B performers believe that change is foreseeable and adopt it as a regular business practice. Lastly, in Company A process improvement involves a standard procedure. In addition to that, Company A implements the standardized formal process for process redesign while assimilating it with the “standard process for process improvement”. However, process management and redesign are core competencies of Company B and are entrenched in a “formal system that includes environmental scanning, change planning, implementation, and process centered innovation.”

5. Lessons Learned and Future Research Questions
If only one individual from a specific company was interviewed the responses from

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