Differences Between Conservatives And Liberals

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In the project that I 'm doing, my goal is to understand and explain the differences between Conservatives and Liberals as well as how their differences will cause issues within the political process of lawmaking in the United States. Along with doing this, my project will make the attempt of discovering whether most Americans truly understand their political parties motives and follow them based on their own beliefs or not. It 's clear that Conservatives and Liberals will oppose each other on almost every single issue in politics, so knowing just how each side stands on each issue will help provide insight as to why they argue. During my research, I have found that the most valuable sources are from middle standing or independent individuals, because they can give me the least biased information possible. While conducting research I was able to group sources into collections. One such collection of sources was the issue of gay marriage, and how Conservatives and Liberals oppose or support it. The sources that show this are, "Gay-marriage rulings: a Liberal result wrapped in a Conservative package" by James Oliphant of National Journal; "Standing lessons: what we can learn when Conservative Plaintiffs lose under Article III Standing Doctrine" by Heather Elliot of Indiana Law Journal; and "Conservative are more easily disgusted than Liberals" by Yoel Inbar, David Pizzaro, and Paul Bloom of Cognition & Emotion. These articles refer to the way that Liberal individuals will
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