Differences Between Culture, Race, And Class

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This paper will focus on the similarities and differences in cultures and how it relates to schooling, family, religion, education and language. The purpose of this paper is to highlight the effects that culture, race, and class have on human’s behaviors, resilience, struggles and faith. . The cross culture countries of analysis will be Guyana and Portugal which are situated at two opposite ends of the world. Which makes this comparison even more compelling? With worlds so distant, one might expect to have fewer similarities. But as I began to categorize the similarities and difference on chart exhibit A, I was pleasantly surprised with the commonalities. First I developed a chart and compare the similarities and differences,…show more content…
According to the text Understanding Human Differences by Koppelman stated “For every talent that poverty has stimulated it has blighted a hundred” (p. 264). Secondly, the difference that was recognizable was the religious aspect. Even though Claudio was raised a Roman Catholic and I an Anglican, we both believe in the same God. Our views on heaven and hell totally differ relating to religious beliefs. From my perspective I, believe in heaven and a hell. Coupled with, being accountable to someone when you depart this world. As the saying goes, everyone was put on this earth for a reason and we as individuals should achieve and accomplished the purpose we were meant to achieve. If for some reason, we did not achieve our purpose while we were on earth, then there should be consequences for our actions or missteps when our souls depart this earth. Claudio on the other hand, whose early years were deeply engrossed in becoming a priest, has drawn a connection from his own life experience. For instance, he seems to come to the conclusion that there is a heaven, but not a hell. He also elaborated that the persecution that humans endure during their lifetime on earth is the hell we sometimes describes when
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