Differences Between Differences And Differences Within The Workplace

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Dialects in Workplaces
Communication is something, we as humans, do every day. Group communication falls in this category as well. Three or more people is considered a small group; so we communicate as groups more often than we might think. Some group communication events may be rehearsals, meetings, class groups, and even your place of employment. Whenever you participate in groups such as those you may come across certain group dialectics, which are contradictory tensions that occur within the group as they work to meet their common goal. There are certain communication events within our lived that we can remember this concept being present. For me group dialectics were commonly existent in my work place. Many businesses, like
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This was an absolutely memorable time and group I was able to work with. It gave me a whole new experience and perspective on working with so many different types of personalities, work ethics, and emotions. I will always have a better understanding and different outlook of why things don’t always go smoothly, and why goals, so often, are never met. Girls were always coming and going, so dynamics of the group were often changing, fights occurred frequently, and many people were even let go or transferred. Throughout all of the years of loses/additions in group members, the monthly goal sets, and even new leadership for certain periods of time, every month could have had a better outcome regarding the accomplishment of our goals. It was extremely difficult getting 10-13 people on the same page, and motivated for the same goal. A lot of the problems did stem from the leadership of the group, though many people say you can’t make someone want something, if a group leader doesn’t even try to provoke their team members to do better, you can guarantee less of what you expect. Each month, whether there were new group members (stylists), or not, we always experienced at least one form of a group dialectic and in many months, we did not meet our goals. Group dialectics are inevitable while working with all of your
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