Differences Between Egyptian And Egyptian Civilization

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A country in North Africa, along the Mediterranean Sea, and is among the grandeur of Egyptian culture which influenced many ancient civilizations. Small agrarian communities became the first medical texts describing the treatment of over 200 different diseases around 1500 BCE. Stability was a hallmark of Egyptian culture. Given the duration of Egyptian civilizations, there were surprisingly few basic changes in styles and beliefs. Egyptian emphasis on stability was reflected in their view of a changeless afterlife, suggesting a conscious attempt to argue that persistence was virtue. Egypt emphasized strong central authority, the differences also owed something to different politic, for Egyptian ability to organize masses of labors followed form its centralized government structures and strong bureaucracy. Social differences were less obvious during daily life to early civilization. Egyptian civilization has received some inspiration from Sumer, but distinctive pattern soon developed in both religion and politics. The status of women was greatest in Egypt where women’s position seems to have deteriorated after Sumer.
Egyptians paid great respect to women at least in the upper classes, in part because marriage alliances were vital to the preservation and stability of the monarchy, Also, Egyptian religion included more pronounced deference to goddesses as sources of creativity. Comparison suggests civilization that varied substantially because of largely…
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