Differences Between Enders Game Book And Book

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Enders Game novel by Orson Scott Card and the film by Gavin Hood had too many differences. The film compared to the book, is practically totally different and had significant changes in the plot line and the setting. The movie was simplified to fit the normal movie length. The age of almost all the characters were changed along with some of their background. Among all the things that were different was also most of the characters development especially, Enders emotional development trough out the movie. There was also differences inside battle and command school. The mistake the director made was probably the ending which was completely changed from the book besides Ender finding the egg. Sadly the film was almost completely different form the book. The pacing of the film, first the movie felt totally rushed and was simplified so much that in result caused major plot changes. The movie was simplified in things like: the colors of the armies in battle school instead of three colors is just one also, the location of battle school to just outside of…show more content…
In battle school the first launchie Ender becomes friends with is Alai not Bean like in the movie. In the book Ender does not meet Bean until he is in Dragon army. There was also changes in the game in battle school, points were added and onlu one person is required to win the game. In the book more people are needed to win. The director made this changes so the viewer could understand better hoe the game works and how it is won. In the book command school’s simulated battles are all real battles and ender never lost one unlike the film ender loses a battle and the simulated are not real yet until the graduation battle. This change was not effective because it caused Enders genius to not show as much as it did in the book. Enders genius is extraordinary which the film failed to

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