Differences Between European And Native American Society

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Women have long been looked down upon as beings inferior to men. Women voted late, were not recognized as full citizens with ownership privileges until many years in the future, and many more matters. In Native American society, however, women were much more prevalent in society. They were warriors, farmers, and craftswomen. Though they usually were not leaders, they were still very important to the construction of a family and tribe. European and Native American cultures vary greatly in their views of women in the home, in societal structure, and in mythology. In the 16th century, European women were not allowed to have professions such as lawyers, doctors, or teachers. Some women worked spinning clothes, but most women were…show more content…
In the United States in 2016, women were paid 80 percent of what men were paid (Kevin Miller, The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap). Women are still treated as second hand to men to this day, but we have come a far way since the sixteenth century European women. Women can go to school, work, and have lives in the United States. In other countries and cultures, however, women still have a long fight ahead of them. In Saudi Arabia, women were just recently granted the ability to drive (Nicole Gaouette and Elise Labott, CNN). This is a huge stepping stone for women in Saudi Arabia and many more countries. The guardianship rule in Saudi Arabia is still ongoing, stating that women cannot make any decision without a man or young boy telling her yes or no. Women have no freedom for making their own choices, but their chains will soon be loosened through newly imprinted laws. Just like in the home, European women and Native American women vary greatly in societal structure and cultures.
In the sixteenth century, women were not allowed to have jobs such as doctors, teachers, or lawyers. Almost all women were housewives, they stayed in the house and cleaned, cooked, and sometimes worked on the farm if needed. If a woman was not a housewife, she would use her time to spin clothes, she would be a washerwoman, a milliner, and they embroidered and dryed clothes. Some women made small businesses cooking or baking,
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