Differences Between Faith And Belief

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All over the world, people have different understandings of faith. The difference in faith is based ones level of trust beyond the level or reason and logic. Faith from an outsider looking in is the irrational other end of having belief. It’s to express the complete trust in something without having the absolute knowledge. Belief in situations or the expectation of an outcome that may seem impossible or so far out of reach is actually the action of having faith because they had believed. Therefore, faith can’t be expressed without having belief while ignoring logic and reasoning. There are differences in faith and belief, we express these differences in our everyday lives. However the two does interrelate. Beliefs are the mindset in which a person strongly believes to be true or the case. It’s the likeliness that something is true, following all the evidence that may back up your belief. Whereas, faith strays away from the evidence of the truth. Examples of faith may be when someone wakes up and head to work at their scheduled times. Without thinking, without calling in to make sure their job was still there, they knew without a shadow of a doubt they’d be working, they knew their job would still be standing. It’s expressed when passengers aboard a plane expects the absolute safety of the flight, without knowing the exact credibility of their pilot; without knowing the how kept up the plane has been up to the flight. Without knowing the answers to any of those questions…
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