Differences Between Family And Family Systems

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Part 3:Culture/Language (4%, 3-5 pages) 1. Marriage/Family Systems
Colombia just like most Latin American countries, they value family very important since it follows the Roman Catholic church teams by which they bid by. Most Colombians tend to have a nuclear family which basically concepts of the father, mother, and children as the main basic household unit. Majority of families that adopt to the nuclear family system are families in urban areas where it is much more developed and both parents tend to be in the working class and fend for their family. Also some urban families in the upper class tend to have many children but still the father maintains his position as the head of the household unit and the mother’s role might rotate depending on the head of the house decision thus the mother can either stay home and the responsible for the up bringing go the kids or she might be working and upbringing as well. There is still a small percentage of Colombians who practice the extended family system which are mostly in the rural areas of the countries, this family system consist of the father, mother , children, mother-in laws, father - in laws, aunts and uncle and many more depending on how big the family wants to be. This system keeps members very close to one another and noone rarely move far away from each other, there is always that sense of responsibility that will pass on from generations to generations. This system works best in the rural areas due to the farm land
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