Differences Between Female And Female Babies

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When a baby is first born the main concern of the parents is the development of the child; this is a crucial part of the infant’s life where the first few years of life are the most important. The rate of brain development depends on the environment around the baby including where they live and who they are growing up around. During the baby’s first year especially, the skills being developed are what will be needed and used throughout their entire life. Not all babies develop at the same rate, some newborns may develop quicker than what is considered, “normal,” and some infants can develop at a slower rate. This rate of development does result from the environment around the child but, also there are some differences between male and female babies that makes the rate of development vary. Brain development is the most crucial type of development in a human because without the brain being developed the body would not be able to function. When the baby is not even a baby yet there is already development occurring within the fertilized egg. This developmental period is called the prenatal period which is the time between conception and birth, this is where development in the unborn baby occurs rapidly. Prenatal development is the process by which a baby develops from a single cell after conception forming into an embryo and later growing into a fetus. This period is generally divided into three different developmental stages. According to the Encyclopedia of Children’s…
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