Differences Between Gods And Generals And Gettysburg

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There are a lot of differences between Gods and Generals and Gettysburg even though these movies are to coincide with each other. Each film was funded by Ted Turner and though Gods and Generals was produced after Gettysburg the film is meant to be watched before Gettysburg as to follow in Chronological order. These films slowly start to be less funded as Ted Turner ran out of money to produce them, there was supposed to be a third film in the set but unfortunately he ran out of money before being able to produce it. Each film depicts different battles throughout the Civil War, most of the same main actors were used in both films, this allowed for continuity. One of the main differences between these films is that they are not based on the same battles therefore there is obvious discrepancies. One of the other differences is that while Gods and Generals focus on several battles over a two year span Gettysburg focuses on one battles over the course of a few days- a month. This allows for another main difference to rear its head, the difference of how in-depth each movie is about the battle(s). This becomes an issue in the films because although Gettysburg is only about the battle at Gettysburg and the preceding few days it is quite a bit longer. This combined with the multitude of battles shown in each film allows Gettysburg to go more in-depth with conversation and character development. To give a brief overview of each film, I will start with Gods and Generals. Gods

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