Differences Between Good And Evil In The Demon King

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As Eric Burdon stated, "inside each of us, there is a seed of both good and evil." Eric was trying to explain how individuals constantly debate which side will win, and how individuals struggle with both sides. Even though one may have a crime backround, he or she could have understandable reasons for the act committed. In the book The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima, the differences between the clan people and the wizards clash. Han "Cuffs" Alister had a history as a thief, and was part of a gang called the Raggers. The "Cuffs" in his name is meant for the permenantly attached silver bracelets he wears on his wrists. Han lives among the clan, and is an indigent individual. Han had stolen money and food for his family, but he also had a…show more content…
Micah Bayar had been punished by his father because of using the amulet when he was not properly trained or of the wizardry age. While Raisa, the princess, had been in the mountains waiting for Micah with her mother, she saw the fire coming. This fire caused fear among the Queen's Guard, and Captain Byrne, the royal captain of the soldiers. It also spread fear amongst the rest of the royal individuals. Since that had set everybody off, people started questioning the decisions of the Queen, specifically outsiders, and clan people. Another example, when Han had escaped from the Southies, the day after, six Southies were found dead on the ground, and it didn't look like the work of a knife. People threw accusations at the Raggers, Han included, even though he had left the gang. To encourage demonstratation, Han had been walking in the night to Southbridge Temple. Coated figures approached him. Rumors of these creatures had said they were monsters, demons. They pressed Han into revealing Shiv's hideout, and that he would be rewarded. Han was unharmed by these demons, as his cuffs protected him, with their magical wonders, but the monsters had recognized him because of the cuffs. Now demons were after Shiv, and Shiv was trying to have Han protect him, but Han didn't want to go deeper into the sea of trouble and destruction. For this reason, the amulet truly made its mark with
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