Differences Between Greeks And The Mediterranean Sea

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Greeks have been in America since about 1528. Greece is located at the southeast end of Europe on the Mediterranean Sea. The first recorded Greeks colonized in Florida, which is where about 77 thousand Greeks still inhabit today as well as a majority of the East Coast. Greeks believe in a simple four-step process to being healthy and if these four basic kinds of things are in order they will be healthy but if they are out of order, illness will occur. I chose to do my research on Greeks because I had heard of the popular “Mediterranean Diet” talked about for years. I have also seen movies about Greek culture, like My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but did not know all the traditions of the Greeks.
The four-step process of health maintenance begins with an overall healthy, nutritious diet with good herbal tonics and supplements. Second, the correct amount of exercise and physical activity is important as well as adequate sleep and rest according to age. Daily routines help the body stay on a healthy schedule, and appropriate sex relations, which have a mental component with the release of endorphins. Third, bathing regularly as well as cleansing the body using aromatics and essential oils is part of a daily routine. Fourth, cleansing and purifying the body of built-up wastes, and toxins through eating gruels, which are like oatmeal and soups to cleanse the toxins out of the body. As for their spiritual health, they have to keep their emotions stable to manage their physical health.…
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