Differences Between Gulf And The Movie Beowulf

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Beowulf Beowulf is an epic poem that has been passed down since the Anglo-Saxon era in Britain. The story speaks of the adventures of a man by the name of Beowulf who accomplished very great things in his lifetime, which included fighting monsters who represented everyday life. Recently Hollywood recreated the epic story by using live action animation but the movie was drastically changed in many ways. This makes people wonder why Hollywood would make these changes when the story was already great. Things like affairs, moral ambiguity, and corruption all were added to the movie because, without it, the audience would not have been able to stay as into the movie as easily. In the epic poem Beowulf is made to be seen as completely honest but in the movie the producers show him as a dishonest and corrupt man. Beowulf shows dishonesty in many ways; for example when Beowulf comes to Denmark and tells the story of his fight with the sea monsters he remembers the the mermaid who seduced him, but he leaves this fact out of his story so that the people will have more respect for him. In the movie Beowulf has several incidents with affairs; when he first comes to Denmark he messes around with the queen and after he takes the throne he has an affair with a younger maiden. This is different from the poem because in the poem it does not mention anything about Beowulf having any dishonesty, sexual or otherwise. Another major difference between the poem and the movie is the fact that
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