Differences Between High School And College

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The beginning of a person’s life in based on education. The two main stepping stones in a students life is high school and college. High school and college both play significant rolls in a student’s life for continuing their education. Even though these two levels of education seem similar, they differ tremendously in time management, testing, expenses, scheduling and assignments. Attending high school and attending college are both beneficial to the student and one’s education. High school and college both require time management skills (Wells sec. I). There are advantages and disadvantages of the differences in these two levels of education. In high school the student spends hours at a school learning multiple subjects but with enough time in classes to complete any assignments so that they do not have any homework. In college, the student is only given a short time span to be lectured in a specific subject, and then take home an assignment to complete. The amount of time devoted to studies in college is significantly more than the time devoted to studies in high school. Testing in high school is frequent and usually covers small amounts of material. There are also plenty of make up days for the students to take a test that they missed. High school gives you multiple assignments that will help a student out with their overall grade in the class. However, in college most test are cumulative, and they cover a large amount of material. Also, in college professors only
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