Differences Between High School And College

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In my everyday life, I play two different roles, Allison the high school student, and Allison the college girl. Although both roles bare some similarities the differences are very noticeable. High School and college have diverse environments, different costs, different workloads, and different facility. College focuses on making one more responsible, while high school teaches discipline. College allows you to focus on a specific course of study, while high school provides a general study. There is a difference in workload, and management. Both provide education. One of the largest differences between high school and college is the cost. The law states that all students must attend high school, so for the most part high school is free. High Schools provide students with books and materials while in colleges, students are responsible for providing their own supplies and books. In high school, students usually live at home, and transportation is provided. In college there can be large costs for dorms and apartments and students are responsible for providing transportation. Not only do you need a car, but you need money for gas, usually travel larger distances to get to college. In high school there are programs where students can be given free lunch, in college, nothing is free it’s provide for yourself, and only the strong survive. The population between high school and college is very different. High schools may have seven hundred students, where colleges have seven
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