Differences Between High School And College

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School is one of the most important parts of a person’s life. Most people spend almost twenty years at school, ranging from preschool to college. The most important of those almost twenty years are high school and college. Both define the next stage in your life, whether it be what college you attend or what job you get. Despite the obvious of them both being ‘’school”, there are significant differences between them. They include cost, class size, workload, and one of the biggest, living on your own and caring for yourself. When students make the transition from high school to college it can oftentimes be overwhelming. They are forced to leave the comfort of their home and daily routine for something new, challenging, and exciting. Part of the challenge for students could be that they are unprepared. Living at home and having their parents do almost everything for them certainly does not help. Now in college, students must care for themselves. They are responsible for doing everything for themselves, including laundry, making food, and deciding whether to study or to hang out with their friends. Students quickly must figure out how to live on their own and once they do that, college becomes a lot easier. One major difference between high school and college is the cost. In high school, the cost is minimal, but in college you are forced pay ample amounts of money. In high school, you do not have to pay for any books, while the books in college are extremely expensive.
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