Differences Between High School And College

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The transition from high school to college is a very exciting time. Despite the fact that high school and college are both educational experiences, they are different in many ways. One difference between college and high school is cost. In college, there are many expenses that have to be covered by the student or the student’s family. Students have to pay for their textbooks; whether it is new or used, a hard copy or online, or even just an access code for the course. Students also have to pay for tuition and housing. Some housing options are more expensive than others, for example living on campus usually costs more than finding a place off campus. College is very expensive; however, there are scholarships available to students to help with these costs. Public high school students are usually not required to pay money for their schooling. In order to attend high school, there is no tuition cost for public schools; however, private schools do have yearly tuition fees. The textbooks needed for a specific class are always given to the students at no cost. As far as housing is concerned, most high school students live with their parents, so no housing has to be paid. One of the only costs for public schooling is lunch money unless students receive free lunch due to their socioeconomic status. Unlike high school students, college students have a more flexible schedule. Students build a schedule to their liking. For example, if a student does not like early mornings, they do not have to get an early morning class. College students can also choose how many classes they want to take in a given semester. Classes are longer in college as far as duration per day, but most only meet two to three times a week. The assignments given to college students are generally more challenging than assignments given to high school students. For that reason, a student has more time to complete the assignment. Most classes demand a lot of hours to be spent on homework. Another difference is that college classes are generally larger. They could contain over one hundred students. That being said, a student is less likely to know somebody in their class. Students also have more free time between classes or in a given week. In high
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