Differences Between High School And College

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High school graduation is a great milestone in a student’s life. While high school and college both offer meaning educational experiences; college offers an opportunity for students to grow and college increase a person's chances of creating job security. High school students are aware that there are differences between the high school and college experience. Although they are aware that there are differences; the actual details of the differences may be vague and ambiguous. High school students should have the opportunity to learn the differences of the two educational institutions. Being taught the differences during the transition period between high school and college can help students become successful students and successful in life. Some of the key differences between high school and college are: time management, parental involvement, cost responsibility and job availability. Whether you are a student in high school or college, acquiring time management skills are a must. However, in high school you are given time management guidelines, in college you must set you own schedule and manage your own time. In high school, clocks and bells are everywhere, guiding students from one class period to another. Many high schools have warning bells, these bells warn students to hurry before they become late to class. Most high schools are usually in one building allowing easy transitions from classroom to classroom, in most cases, no two classrooms are that far apart. In
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