Differences Between Hip Hop And Pop Hop

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Discuss notions of ‘authenticity’ in relation to either: a) Hip-Hop (and/or its sub genres). How have race, class and gender been redefined with regards to ‘keeping it real’? You should refer to academic texts such as Jones, Steve (2002) Pop Music & the Press. Temple Uni. Press The notion of the authenticity in hip-hop is that it has to do with being associated to “the street” or the urban ghetto. “The core of Hip Hop cultural activity”, a “site of originality, culture, perception, and cognizance” (Alim 2004a: 390– 91). Furthermore, The expression “keepin’ it real” is almost a repetition in Hip Hop insisting individuals to be true to their roots, and not to “front” or make-believe something they are not (Rickford and Rickford 2000: 23). Hip Hop is apparently a multiracial and multicultural movement, yet its roots and artistic strength and most of its well-known rap artists, come primarily from urban African American communities (Blake 1993). In 1999, it was dubbed “the most important musical genre in America” by the New York Times (Strauss 1999: 28), and has debatably been one of the foremost youth cultures in the United States since the early 1990s. Despite the multi-ethnic nature of the founding community of hip hop, young African American working-class, urban males emerged as the art’s central representatives. However, the centrality of African Americans in articulations of authentic, hip hop has roots that are more diasporic than popularity professed. Hip hop
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