Differences Between Homosexuality And Homosexuality

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Nearly every person has differing opinions on homosexuality. Sadly, these divisive differences are even found in the Church, forcing people to pick sides and stand against those we should be united with. As a young child, this was made apparent to me when my family stopped attending a conservative Mennonite Church due to their stance on homosexuality; rather, we began attending a Missionary Church. However, these two denominations aren’t the only that have differences in belief about homosexuality. From one denomination to another, there may be minor or drastic differences; regardless, these Church doctrines shape how we react to homosexuality and those who declare themselves homosexual. By comparing three major Church views, as demonstrated by the Evangelical Lutheran Church, the Mennonite Church, and the Missionary Church, we will gain a more complete picture of the different prevailing beliefs regarding homosexuality. Once this has been attained, one will be able to compare these beliefs to the Bible. Homosexuality has been, and will continue to be, a hot button topic in the Church; therefore, it is imperative to formulate what one believes about the topic, especially as one decides which Church denomination to attend. The Evangelical Lutheran Church falls on the liberal side of the spectrum. While their doctrine skirts around the issue of homosexuality, it does state that “this church’s deliberations related to human sexuality require our best moral discernment and…
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