Differences Between Immigration And Modern Immigration

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Modern immigration and early immigration are very similar in many ways because both groups sought the same freedoms and rights that their new country had to offer. Both groups are very diverse and sought many different things, like money, power, and freedom. All immigrants today and in the past had very similar characteristics in that they are determined and hopeful. Modern immigrants today, "immigrated to the US in hopes of extended opportunities and freedom"(Bahareh. “My Immigration Story.” My Immigration Story, Early immigrants were also very hopeful and most had a high value on religion because they had to endure through hard things all the time, “I said my prayers and had good health, good thoughts, and good humor, thank God Almighty”(Bryd, William. “The Diary of William Byrd.” 16 June 1709, p. 3.). Although modern and early immigrants were very similar in reasons for immigration they also had a lot of differences, mostly but not limited to, experiences of the actual coming to America. Because there was not an established government when early immigrants were coming to America, they were permitted and accepted into the country. Modern immigrants face challenges today like not being accepted into American and even after getting into the country they face issues, "He is now 24 and about to get out and is facing deportation"(Alberto. “My Immigration Story.” My Immigration Story,

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