Differences Between Internal and External Motivation

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Differences between Internal and External Motivation When asking the question "what is the difference between internal and external motivation?", one may assume that the answer is simple. At first glance, one would simply say that internal motivation is something that someone uses to motivate themselves from within. In the same sense, one would say that external motivation is something that a person would use to "motivate" others to accomplish a task or achieve a certain goal. Internal motivation is actually the only type of motivation. It is that silent and invisible feeling that comes from within. It makes people actually want to get up and do things. When someone sets themselves a goals to lose weight, they must have that…show more content…
Because, hanging up photos of skinny people in bathing suits will not make you want to lose weight at all. It can back-fire, and give you a reason to give up. Many people who have ever given up on a diet or exercise routine have all too many times used the excuse, "I will never get that skinny" or "they have a team of trainers that keep them that in shape". But, the truth is the motivation was never there. Someone with motivation that comes from within will always achieve their goals, because it is something that they are actually interested in doing. In a classic study on the effects of rewards on intrinsic motivation, Mark Lepper and his colleagues at Stanford University asked young children to draw with magic markers. Drawing with the markers was an activity that all of the children in the study found interesting. One group of children was simply asked to draw with the markers and a second group was told that if they drew with the markers, they would get a "Good Player Award". Essentially, this was a certificate that they could hang up in their preschool classroom, something that would appeal to most preschool children. Over the next four days, participants were monitored during free-choice periods at their preschool. When allowed to play with any toy of their choosing, who played with the magic markers?
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