Differences Between Islam And Christianity

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Two religions may share some common terminology and theology. Islam and Christianity are both different in their own way. Islam represents an oriented religion with Christianity faith is based on the shed of blood of Christ. Religious traditions also embrace the idea of human dignity in the biblical idea of the creation of all human beings in the image of God. Mohammed founded Islam in 610 A.D, were people worshipping multiple God’s. During, a time of polytheism Mohammed had a vision; being perceived to be an angel who said “There is only one God and his name is Allah, worship him.” Islamic culture spread out across the globe mostly in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. For example, 60% of Muslims are Asian, 22% Sub-Sahara, 12% Eastern Europe, and 5% are scattered throughout the world. Muslims believe in the Quran, dictated to Mohammed by God through the Angel Gabriel. On Friday’s Muslims gather in the mosques to pray, all Muslims face toward Mecca. Mecca is the location where Mohammed had his vision perceiving to be an Angel. Muslim’s believe in God, Angels, Prophets of Adam, Abraham, Moses and David. Also, the acceptance there will be a last day, the divine measurement of human affairs, and belief of the after life; Allah represents the word of God. (Christian answers, 2016) Christian religion was born in Palestine, in a small land on the Eastern Mediterranean sea. A promised land considered by the Jews due to, its location it was ruled by a succession of foreign powers.
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