Differences Between Islam And Hinduism

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Islam and Hinduism are both very large, popular world religions. Although the two religions have some common ground, there are many distinct differences between the two religions. Many of the differences are centered around two major beliefs. The two major beliefs are the means of salvation and the number of Gods the followers of the religions worship and believe in. Religions often answer questions about spiritual life. A question that is often asked is, “What happens after death?” Many people seek the answer to this question through religion. Islam and Hinduism both believe in an afterlife. Although the two religions believe that salvation is possible, the means by which they believe salvation occurs is very different. The Islamic…show more content…
The Karma Yoga follows the unmotivated actions and words (Viswanathan). The Bhakti Yoga follows a total surrender of your will to God (Viswanathan). The Raja Yoga follows an eradication of thoughts (Viswanathan). Each possible path to salvation in Hinduism is very unique. The difference between the salvation of Hinduism and Islam is the means by which a person is saved. Islam has one concrete path to salvation which is faith in Allah and good works, whereas Hinduism has four individual paths that could lead to salvation. A similarity between them is both religions recognize the need to be saved and that there is an afterlife. The means by which you reach salvation would have a profound effect on the followers of the religion. The followers of Islam might have more certainty of their salvation because it can happen much quicker than in Hinduism. Once the Islamists do good works and have faith in Allah, they can be certain that their sins are forgiven and that they will be granted entrance to Paradise. Hinduists might have more uncertainty about their salvation because it can be gained by four different ways, not just one. The Hinduists also may become more frustrated than Islamists because the path to salvation can take several cycles of reincarnation depending on how quickly you reach self-realization. It would be very interesting to have dialogue with someone from the Islamic religion and Hinduism about
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