Differences Between Italian And Italian Culture

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We lived in a mixed of culture where we can find a variety of nationalities. Sometimes it is fascinating to wonder how people have different cultures, customs and values. I personality experienced endless events where my values clashed with someone else’s. Immigrating to this country and going to school with different nationalities helped me obviously to understand the distinctions we have culturally. It’s was difficult to adjusting and also learning about all these different cultures and I came into conclusion that each culture has their own beauty. I don’t believe that neither is a right or wrong in custom or values. I had opportunity to interview someone from my family that is Peruvian and also an Italian American which is my husband.
I 'm sharing my impression of the two different cultures in which these two people have similarities but also a lot differently.

Italian culture is pretty unique. One major aspect that defines Italian people is their food, music and fashion. For Italians people, food defines who they are and what brings to the family and friend together that what Nicholas Fiorito, the person who I interviewed stated it. Nicholas is the four generation in his family says that his grandparents immigrate to America from Italy. First his grandparent immigrates to New York and later ended by Angel Island. Nicholas’s family always been are very religious with affiliation in Catholic.

It was shared that Italians have three meals schedule: breakfast, lunch
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