Differences Between Jekyll And Hyde

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After his transformation, an excursion is described to explain how wicked and remorseless Hyde truly is. In the book, Hyde’s crimes focus on violent acts: he knocks down a child in the street or he kills a man with his cane. There isn’t build-up; he just jumps straight into those highly vicious acts. In both movies, Hyde is engaged to the General’s daughter and works his way up to violent acts by starting with cheating on his fiancée and culminating with the injury or murder of someone. In the 1920 version, he starts by going to a bar and watching a dancer then paying her to come over. Then, when they have been together a while, he yells at her even though she’s completed what he asked her to do. The most violent act he commits is killing…show more content…
The movies focus on the fact that Jekyll had women in his life, and almost all of his wicked deeds are based on his emotions from that situation. In the book, the only woman with a speaking role was the maid who kept Hyde’s apartment clean and answered the door. A romantic relationship is a very powerful thing and trying to justify Hyde’s actions by focusing on something that is more of a base instinct than pure, unwarranted violence can make the audience perceive him as less terrible, especially since they glossed over or removed the fact that he ran over and injured a child. Or maybe it’s because most things in the Hollywood are sexualized, even when the movies were made approximately ninety years ago. It should have stayed truer to the book in the romantic relationship respect because it feels like it took away from the point that Stevenson was trying to make about letting the evil side of us taking over by focusing on the drama of Jekyll’s unfaithfulness. Although, it’s possible that the 1931 move might have simply wanted to add horror by adding in female characters because what it reveals he did to the girl he was cheating with was surprisingly violent and unspeakable for the era in which the movie came out, and even now it can be hard to
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