Differences Between Language And Communication

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Language. What exactly is it? We use it every day to communicate with people around us from a very early age. As we walk around and take in the world around us we notice some people communicating differently. Their words don’t sound like ours, yet they are able to function the same way we do and complete the same tasks. Stated on dictionary.com language is “a body of words of words and the systems for their use common to a people who are of the same community or nation, the same geographical area, or the same cultural tradition.” From this definition, we can see that language can have many different variations. Variations can be in the same language or different languages. Variations in languages can be accents, pronunciations, dialects, and grammar (Language). For example, in America, and in the United Kingdom we speak English, but our accents, pronunciations, and even word usage is very different. This speaking communication is known as linguistic So, How is it that language has developed? Before communication between humans became linguistic it was first just nonverbal movements like different facial expressions, gestures, and noises known as non-linguistic communication (Pereltsvaig 1). According to Professor J.F Stein from the physiology department at Oxford University Language is a relatively new thing and only developed about 50,000 years ago (131). So basically, humans were very successful at surviving even when they weren't able to verbally address things. This
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