Differences Between Leadership And Management

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Discuss in detail the differences between Leadership and Management in general, and in law enforcement in particular. How do the primary concerns of these responsibilities differ? Are abilities in both areas necessary for effective police supervisors? If so, why? Leadership and Management can be mutually exclusive concepts. A person can be a leader in management, but a manager does not necessarily have to be a leader. What makes this concept true can be found in the definitions of both leadership and management. Although the goals of leaders and managers may be the same(compliance), the tools and techniques utilized may drastically vary. The textbook Effective Leadership in Policing by Joseph A. Shafer offers various definitions of…show more content…
These are also the authors of “Enlightened Leadership”. The authors James Kovzes’ and Barry Posner believe that leadership is “Not all about the personality; it’s also about the practice”(Pg. 6) and can be found in their best-selling book The Leadership Challenge (Pg.13). Their definition includes the process of influencing groups or individuals. It describes leadership compliance that is hammered through the personality, power, persuasion, and behavior of a key individual or harmonized group members and their actions in order to achieve one or more desired goals (Pg.6). Their definition makes the distinction between what leaders seek to achieve and what is actually achieved and how. This concept can be applied to managers as well. The concept of leadership revolves around the process of which a leader moves and motivate a group to change the current state to a preferred state of existence or operation. You can use this same definition for a manager if you remove the word motivate. Leaders can be managers because leadership activities can contribute to managing. A leader must demonstrate some proficiency and the capacity to manage and lead and focus on guiding the change process. As I alluded to earlier, it is not essential for managers to be leaders. This is because the role of a manager is quite different from a leader, although the primary goal of compliance from their subordinates is the same. Management functions can provide leadership, but a
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