Differences Between Leadership And Management

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It has been argued that it is not realistic to separate leadership from management and they seem very similar and both of them do the same tasks and the differences between them arevery limited in terms of their duties and responsibilities towards organisations and employee. However, it seems that leaders and managers have significant differences regarding to their dealing with changes, facing difficulties and how do the lead the organizations to success and more importantly what kinds of relationships do they have with workers at organizations. So that leadership seems to be the right option for private sectors and it can offer massive significant benefits for both organization and workers. So this essay is going to demonstrate the most important differences between leadership and management, which might lead us to distinguish leadership from management and answer the following question. To what extent are leaders and managers are different and which one is the most important for private sectors. According to AAAAAAA() andAAAAAAA () leaders are very optimistic to make changes in organizations frequently and it would appear that they are very skilled to make these changes happen and to be acceptable as well . Moreover Leaders have believed that you must be open to changes and that the right way to carry out development to the organization AAAAAAA () has mentioned that leaders have the intention to overcome their fears to make changes take place. And that seems the
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