Differences Between Males and Females

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Thesis: There are many differences between men and women, and they are divided into many parts: physical, mental, relationship, education and career.
1. Physical differences
A. Brain
B. Changes during Puberty
2. Mental differences
A. Mental abilities
B. Emotion
3. Relationships
A. Men and women relationship
B. Friendships
4. Education and Career
A. Education
B. Career

Recently, there was a group of Mission College students discussing about the differences of genders on Facebook, a social networking. One of the female students wrote a note which contained 50 factors that guys should know about girls, but most of the comments from the guys said that they couldn’t understand girls. Girls are just lame complicated
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Male and female hormones make them act different ways that are misunderstood by the other sex. Most men and women relate differently in emotions. Brain generation during the high emotion causes the women talk things over and over, but men emotion likely to lead them to action which is possibly violence. Sometimes, women would ask the men what are they thinking as the women see the men go quiet because usually, when women are quiet, they feel hurt and upset so they assume the same way to the guys. Actually, it is not what happens to men; they go quiet because they have things to be solved. Men and women need to appreciate each other that sometimes, women need to talk about their feeling although, men like to show practicalities rather than what they are feeling; to understand the emotion is the best way for them to relate one another.
Commonly, both man and woman need to work out together in order to make a relationship work out smoothly. Somehow, men and women tend to think differently from each other about their relationships. At the beginning when the men first get to know the women, they would most of the time brag about their achievements even though they are nervous and keep talking without knowing that the women sometimes don’t even bother to know those things (McChristie, N.D.). In contrast, women would talk about themselves, family, and what they enjoy to do, and it shows that men and women don’t actually talk to each
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