Differences Between Marketing And Operations Management

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The effectiveness of organizational performance depends on the capability of the organization to cooperate and direct the activities of its various functional units to eliminate discrepancies and maximize efficiency. Marketing and operations management are two main functions within any organization. Both of them are responsible for providing goods and services that satisfy the customer needs. This essay will point out the role of marketing and operations management within business. The essay shall also explore how the absence of coordination between marketing and operations management create quality gap. Eventually, the essay will also mention the importance of coordination between marketing and operation management.
Marketing and operation management are core activities in the organization that should work together in harmony and consistency. Al-Mari company is one of the largest food stuff companies in GCC region . The relationship between marketing and operations management is maintained and fostered by the company. Marketing function include all the activities and processes directed to discover, manage and develop customer relationships by meeting customer expectations. The role of the marketing function in Al-Mari is to discover customer needs by collecting relevant information about the characteristics and features of target customers using different techniques such as market research and segmentation. The role of marketing also is to forecast the sales of the company within a certain period of time. Further, marketing is
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The influence of the absence of coordination between the two functions and its result on what is known quality conflict especially actual quality, perceived quality and customer satisfaction. Also, the essay pointed out the importance of having smooth coordination between the two function on the business of the
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