Differences Between Men And Women

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Men and women have distinct differences in communication styles. Women are categorized by being more discussion oriented, while men are more action oriented. Depending on home environment and the way parents raise men and women, men sometimes are the ones who communicate most. Men who are raised around women are more apt to become more in touch with their sensitive side leading to being able to express their feelings more freely. Men and women are taught, through childhood guardians, to soar in different areas, with public awards to keep these goals desirable. Females are trained to demonstrate greater expressions of emotion, while males are taught to be solid and expressionless. Male belligerent and ruthlessness contradicts with the female desire to collaborate and avoid conflict. Men and women have communication differences, because of these early patterns that form during childhood and set into adulthood. There is many different communication styles between male and female but it helps each other to find their own personality, benefits on building connections between friends, and it keeps the wheels turning in marriages.
According to the book “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” by John Gray, Ph.D. Men tend to use one part of the brain at a time, while women use many parts simultaneously. “The man should be careful never to talk more than a woman” (John Gray, Ph.D.) One major difference between men and women are their communication habits. When a man gets in a…
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