Differences Between Men And Women

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Both men and women have been inequalities in the workplace. Women are still are not receiving equal pay for the equal work and the equal pay of work of the equal value. Even though women have increased their presence in higher paying jobs that are dominated by men, still women continue to work in low paying occupations as men. For so long woman have received less pay in jobs. They have not been treated fair and equal as a man does in the same job fields. Woman has worked so hard and have accomplished so any jobs, just like men does in the job. Even though they still have done so much on the job, they are not receiving the same pay and opportunities as a man do. It is unfair for woman that have worked so hard and sweat their lives out of the jobs they do and not be treat equal in the job. They work the same long hours and have done hard labor as men do. Women have worked as hard as men do in the job. Employees regardless of one’s gender should receive the same pay, benefits and opportunities for advancement for the same work. The first reason why both men and women should have the same pay, benefits and opportunities for the same work is because it is sex and gender discrimination. Sex and gender discrimination is treating individuals differently in their employment specifically because someone is a woman or man. There is sex and gender discrimination when it comes to pay for the same work. An example of pay discrimination is when you have worked more than seven years for…
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