Differences Between Men And Women

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Gender Differences in Communication Have you ever thought someone wasn’t listening to you? Or that your request is being ignored because the response wasn’t framed in a way it should have been? Maybe it’s because you were speaking to a person who was of a different gender. Men use short direct speech, while women use indirect dialogue. Therefore, when genders meet up there’s a gap in communication. Men and women unconsciously communicate differently in numerous ways, so by understanding each other’s language style, a stronger relationship with the opposite sex can be formed. Women have their own type of communication and uses indirect speech. An indirect speech is hinting and inferring. The reason women speak that way is because the job is to raise children until they get to the point where they can grow up and have children of their own. If you think about ancient history, women have to work with other women in the tribe. Have you heard phrase like “it takes a village to raise a child”? So the hinting and inferring helped women to avoid arguments and instead worked together in a group to mentor. Women did not say something directly, it’s hinted and inferred about what should happen. That way if the other women didn’t feel like a good idea, she will not feel it was an antagonistic interaction. Often time women will have a problem with a person who barks orders and bosses her around. A man on the other hand was the hunter and gatherer. Being in that role, men had to use
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