Differences Between Men And Women

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Numerically, men and women are equals; men make up 50% of the worlds population, and women make up the remaining 50%, but that is where the equality essentially ends. It is no secret that men and women are different biologically, but the differences between the two genders don’t end there. Beyonce Knowles writes a song describing the differences between what is acceptable behaviour for a man versus a woman, which really sheds some light on the fact that men and women are not seen as equal, and are not held to the same social standards. Looking at this from a symbolic interactionists perspective may help understand why there are differences in acceptable social behaviours between the two sexes. Men and women are viewed differently, not just because of anatomical features, but because of the way each gender has been moulded into specific stereotypes and taught that these stereotypic behaviours are to be upheld. This phenomena is seen even at a young age, in an article found online, 45% of Canadian youth agree that “to be a man you need to be tough” (Baluja, 2011). The same article also explained that 31% of Canadian boys believe women’s role is to take care of the household and family. Structural functionalists may have insight into how these stereotypic roles came about and why they are prevalent even into today’s society. The inequality between the genders does not end there, unfortunately. Gender inequality spills over from social situations and into the workplace, where…
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