Differences Between Men And Women

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Our genders differ not because we want them to, but because its nature taking its course. History explains the story of how men and women have always been different. From the anatomy in the size of brains to life expectancy, men and women are each distinct. Camille Lewis points out that the difference between males and females is that each is biologically different. I disagree with Lewis that men and women innate their biological differences because their differences are also influenced by factors of the outside world in time.
Men and women develop differently because they are driven to view the world from different perspectives. From the period of childhood to adulthood males and females experience and go through different things in different ways. The father nurture’s the son while the mother nurture’s the daughter. Small differences emerge because of the approach each male and female is provided.
As a child grows up into a man or women, it is common that each gender’s behavior is based purely on the example that is set for them. “Whether we know it or not, our sons learn about being a man primarily by watching their fathers”(Parker). A boy will love American muscle cars, rough football games, and playing rough sports because it is what his father enjoys; therefore, it is common that the son will grasp same feelings towards the same interests. Girls on the other hand develop differently because they view the world from a female’s set example. A girl will connect with her…
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